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Get to know us

Our vision of IT Recruitment is completely different:

Personalised, thoughtful, long-term and concerned about the impact on your career.
We take care of every detail so that your experience is awesome.

We guarantee that this will always be the case.

This is how we are

We build relationships based on trust. We won’t leave you without an answer and we’ll be with you after you enter your new job.

Remember, we’ll be your travelling buddies throughout your career.

We represent you in the market and we are confident that we can change the way you think about IT Recruitment.

Marina Galiot

Talent Warrior

I’m still waiting for my Hogwarts letter so, in the meantime, I practice my spells: Wingardium Leviosa! No? Nothing? Maybe I’m saying it wrong…

Patricia Pitarch


Good energy and good vibes. I like to listen, make people laugh and dog lover.

Claudia Perarnau


Painting is the way I switch off. People around me knows that I like more dogs than cats

Adrián Rodriguez

Talent Warrior

Passionate about absurdist humour with a Jordan Belfort complex.

Miquel Anglada

Talent Warrior

Like Hannibal Lecter I am passionate about the human mind, not cannibalism.

Helena Lobera

Copy & Creative Content

I like to create, either with my mind or with my hands: From a story to a recipe, or even both at the same time!

Victor Riverola

Talent Warrior

Maturity has made me realise that I’m not going to rule the world (for now). Lord of cats and heavy metal.

Paula Rodriguez

Talent Warrior

I’m like Djokovic: Sport yes, gluten no. Also like J. Balvin: Sun, beach and sand vamo’!

Marc Bàguena

Sales Director

Sim Racing & crypto passionate, always thinking on process improvement and a bit absent-minded.

Domenec Cornudella

Talent Warrior

Neutral-good enchantment wizard of level 29. Rugby player and guitar player, clearly I’m carrying an overpowered character

Loyal to our values

Accept only projects that we would want for ourselves if we were you.

Work with the best companies in the market: start-ups with cutting-edge technology, scale-ups with amazing transformations and internationally renowned product companies.

Helping you to become a better professional, whether it be advising you on your career, how to present yourself, preparing for interviews, knowing how your market is or connecting you with the TOP.

Aydarte a ser mejor profesional, ya sea asesorándote en tu carrera, en como presentarte, preparar entrevistas, conocer cómo está tu mercado o conectarte con los más TOP.

We know that there are some selection processes that are not very pleasant. So our mission will be to bring to the IT market a better recruiting for everyone.

We are convinced that step by step we can change that impression.

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