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You are the diamond

We want to see you happy and that’s why we’ll connect you with top projects and companies 😎

The talenter is an evangelist of challenges for techies, an ambassador, a reference… Someone who desires a greenfield project and a passionate about their work.

What do we offer you?

We respect you and that, at Recruiting IT, is less common than we would like.

We don’t spam you with mails that are not even related to your profile.

Feedback, always giving feedback. You will never fill alone, lost or uninformed.

Market trends advisory, regarding salaries, which profiles are currently the most sought after or which technologies or projects are most in demand.

You are our backbone. We know very well that you are our main customer and we take care of you.

Structure your CV and prepare you for complex interviews.

We represent you on the market and we are confident that we can change your concept of IT recruitment once and for all.

We will accompany you after you enter your new job. We are travelling partners, from here on in your career.

Our talenters say

From the first moment, kinder than myself.

They are with you every time in case you need to clarify any doubts or simply to give you encouragement in any of the steps of the process. The tips on how to face an interview are very valid, they make you be totally confident in what is presented to you. They save you a lot of time arranging interviews, the communicate with the company is perfect, etc.

Thank you Daniel J.

Attention, follow-up and interest

It seems to me that they are so interested that your selection process suits your interests, that it seems like a close friend trying to help you making the decision that suits you, and not a company that is interested in your contract to generate a profit. It feels very good, and I really liked the attention, interest, honesty, and appreciation of what I wanted without trying to mix the company’s interests with mines. 10/10.

Thank you Francisco S.

Excellent attention

They have been kind, respectful and professional throughout the selection process. They have been available to me and have taken care to answer all my questions. I could not give any productive criticism, since in my opinion the deal has been 10.

Thank you Daniel G.

Close and honest

The manner has been great, very close and friendly. They knew their client perfectly and have given me good advice to carry out the selection process. Information always useful and direct.


Very close manner and excellent results

The experience has been pleasant, from the first moment the behavior I received was excellent and they were always pending to send me all the information needed about the status of my application. In addition, at the end of each step in the process there was an interest in knowing how I had felt and giving me some feedback.


I’ve got the job!

Well, I was lucky that they contacted me for a position. After a talk, they impressive me with the proposal and I think they already saw that the position and I made a ‘match’. From then on, they put me in contact with the company and they were always aware of my feedback to making me calm and conscious of all the process.

Thanks Gerard P.

Being a talenter

Dream job = ( Project + Team ) * purpose
Let us set a unique purpose for you.

Contact us and let's start!

You and only you, not the project nor the client.

Be part of iTalenters is to start the adventure of being accompanied on the path to your dreamt job, today and forever.

Next step

Wishlist. Tell us what you have in mind

Forgot about spamming. We go straight to what is important for you. Fullstop. We will talk about you and technology, nothing else.

We foster pracmatism and we look for your priceless trust.

Hitting the target🎯

It will take us hours, days or weeks, but we will put all our efforts to see you happy in a project, from us or any other.

We are selective with the customers we work with and that, is for you.

Take the lead and become a preferred talenter

Help us to be better by being one of our ambassadors and you will go to the next level. It's quid pro quo in every way.

Our best opportunities and all our best efforts are for you.

You deserve it.

Caring about the environment

We will join you to the #Letsgreentheplanet cause with Treedom 🌲.

For every talenter, a tree will be planted somewhere in the world. If you are the lucky one, you will be able to geolocate it 📍 and track it.

Last step

Does it fit for you? 🙂

Easy! check out our Opportunities section and find the job that fits to you.

Don't find it? No worries, we are glad to take your CV and your wishlist to propose you an opportunity.

Nos ayuda a saber qué esperas de nosotros y qué proyectas en tu futuro profesional. Es la mejor forma de poder presentarte las oportunidades más adecuadas a tus expectativas.
Pega aquí la dirección de tu perfil de LinkedIn. Nos ayuda a entender tu perfil de entrada, para posteriormente preparar un CV acorde a cada puesto al que quieras aplicar.
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